Antifa’s Violent History Explained

‘Antifa’ has been frequent referred to in the media since the rise of right-wing nationalism in the United States. And yet, the anti-fascist movement has been around for nearly a century! So where does the term come from, and what does it mean today?
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  1. You literally say everything in this video like everyone who doesn’t like antifa is fascist conservatives hate both fascists and communists

  2. Finally an unbiased explanation of Antifa. Say what you want, but in every revolution, there are Revolutionaries and there are Reactionaries. The Revolutionaries want to overthrow the existing order to move forward to a more ideal world which had previously never existed; the Reactionaries want to overthrow the existing order for nostalgia, or to return to a perceived “better” time.

    You can hate their tactics but fact is, Antifa has always been on the revolutionary side of every war fought. It’s very important for us to grasp the fundemental difference between Revolutionaries and Reactionaries. They both may want to get rid of the status-quo but they are asking for fundamentally different changes. The only things they agree on are the issue of violence and the overthrow of the existing order.

  3. wrong Antifa was the first to show up, only now are we seeing grown of right-wing​ nationalist

  4. What .. what do you mean ANTIFA are pretty much “Left wing death squads”? Who’d have thought that violent extremism is always bad.. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  5. Skip over Britain in th 1970s, Sweden in the 80s, late 80s early 90s in Germany wanting to keep West Germany a part of the Soviet Union….
    Hardly a “history”….

  6. Badly researched. Modern day anti-fa aren’t grassroots, they’re funded by billionaire financiers such as George Soros. To lie by omission damages your reputation as a legitimate information source.

  7. The end is what i excpected from this liberal channle but the rest was pleasantly surprising, nice to see them actually doing research before condeming something. Also alot people asserting the anti-fasist movement is hurting its own cause but none of them are backing it up with any proof research based or otherwise.

  8. Nice bro spend the majority of your video not even talking about the modern movement and really hammer home the attempt to equate them to resistance fighters in Germany and Italy because they called themselves the same name.

  9. People just don’t understand how political ideologies work.

    There is liberal and conservative.
    And there is autocratic and democratic.

    Alt-Right: Conservative Autocrats
    SJWs: Liberal Autocrats

    I truly believe what ever side you land, conservative or liberal we should always remain democratic.
    We must allow them to speak, but we must not allow them to change our identity as a nation.

  10. Leon Trotsky is a Jew
    And so were most Revolutionaries in Russia
    They were all Jews
    Funded by American Jews like Jacob Schiff

  11. If fascism were an actual threat and the black block were actually fighting the fascists then antifa would be a good thing, because fascists use violence as their method of social control, so the only way to control the fascists is through violence. But the black block is currently doing nothing other than making people’s lives worse for no reason, and emboldening the people who they claim to be against. Trump supporters get a huge tactical advantage when they can smear the entire left wing with a three-syllable word, and since the public hates nuance for some reason it takes actual effort to get people to understand the difference between socialists and antifa, socialists and communists, socialists and sjws, socialists and liberals, liberals and sjws, sjws and antifa, etc. When trump supporters can paint with a broad brush and act as if all four of these groups are acting in each others’ interests or even that they have the same interests they have the upper hand over their enemies.

  12. Antifa is Jewish controlled group
    The white Nationalists are also Jewish controlled groups
    The real Men are the National Socialists

  13. Socialist ideals of democray and liberalism. Might want to check your history books on that one.

  14. Why does America fight for Jews
    Why does America poke thier Nose in the Arab World
    How is Israel an American Ally

  15. People are not as stupid as this segment must believe them to be! Antifa is a domestic terrorist group.

  16. God bless in central europe antifa is banned from 30′. it was always stalin daughter and it is now. i remamber (like 5 years ago) when germans (adolf merkel) send to Poland thousands of antifas on our ‘indepandance day’, they beat peoples on street, even old ladies (all is on yt). and the best was when german media came and make report ‘polish are nasists, fights on street, beat women etc’ its funny cos year ago germany servises admitted that they sent antifas because it was good for their propaganda…but on one even wright that they dont know even one world in Polish, and they all came from Berlin. when police came they just escape to train and go back to berlin.

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