Sneakerheads Try Raincoats For Their Shoes!

We went to the streets to put the Dry Steppers to the the test!


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Background. A big bunch of different shoes, the soles.
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  1. One day I would get more than 3k likes and show my math teacher who always says that i can’t achieve anything 🙁

  2. Now this is a good video lol, it was funny, I cringed at them stepping on the sneakers. Put Mack in more videos! ?

  3. My dad said to stop watching this video or else he’s gonna smash my head on the keyheus772nwwbswjwnusd7wujw2ndjwi29pwshqjjq22mdjudjfjdis83i3idj

  4. Rich people don’t need to buy this item, they just purchase a new pair of sneakers when the old pair is ruined.

  5. thought this dude was going to go down a level and buy the white cements, but he got the fucking spzikes

  6. if you dont want your shoes to get dirty then dont wear them, or keep them for special occasions.
    Walking around with a plastic bag over your shoes just seems weird. You cant show off or enjoy your shoes cause all you can see is plastic. Seems counterproductive.

  7. “Last time I checked $150 was $150!” That’s right my friend! Hell I don’t think I’ve ever bought a shoe that expensive. The most expensive shoe I’ve bought are my chucks (Converse, for those who don’t know the nickname. Which they are peeps who don’t) and maybe my creepiers. But never over $100.

  8. Next video idea we bring in ayo and teo for their raps smfh buzzfeed bring back the other employees smdh

  9. My friends do this with plastic bags. Like wtf did you buy shoes for if you can’t even use them whenever you want. What happened to functionality?

  10. This is one of the times where buying something that is cheap is better because you can actually use the fricken shoes without caring.

  11. I mean if it’s raining and there’s a lot of puddles I can see that working but for everyday use than just let your Yeezy fresh in the air, if you keep your Yeezy in that bag than its gonna get so humid and stinky in there

  12. Only rich people would buy this product and rich people don’t need this product because they can just buy another pair

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