The Bizarre Road Trip Of A Missing Family

What caused this seemingly normal family to abandon their home?


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A John Dillinger wanted poster.
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Attingham Park
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Front page article covering the case of ‘Granny Killer’ John Wayne Glover from T
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Lotto ticket
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Black Binder Clips (with path)
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Royalty free vector illustration Most Wanted Poster
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Evidence in plastic bags
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Bulletin Board
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Classified files
Headlines From The Charles Stuart Shooting
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Parcel wrap
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“Missing” and “Wanted” posters taped to brick wall
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Call me napkin
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Secret document folder
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Vintage light bulbs
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gun for hire
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Set of various paint splatters
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Finger Print Distressed
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WS Lighting strike over Lake Michigan night
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Police officer breaking up an under-age party
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Classic Turn of the Century American House
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Parents holding daughter
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Red dirt road in outback Australia.
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Airplane Taking Off
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Family in car together, taking road trip
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Caution Tape
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Barrels of toxic waste
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Back leather seat of modern pickup
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Dunns Swamp
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Politician talking into reporters’ microphones
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Walk on
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UK, London, Paddington, St Marys Hospital, Accident and emergency area
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Motel at night


  1. The strange case of Elisa Lam!! It’s still always gets me on edge and it’s super weird and strange. PLEASE ELISA LAM

  2. As an Aussie I did it so Funny and amusing the way Ryan pronounces Bathurst here we say it like Ba.Thirst! I just find it so amusing haha LOL ? I am a weirdo

  3. maybe one or all of them murdered someone so they hide the corpse but then they freaked out and leaved (sorry for my english)

  4. I live a couple of hours away from where this all happened and I’ve actually never heard this before ?

  5. They could’ve had some problems with some kind of dealer or something with the government. Honestly lately families have been abandoning their homes and turn up missing. It’s so strange and scary!

  6. investige my bathroom bc it’s haunted. my grandfather died in this house and it’s hella scary ensmksksskwk

  7. Okay you guys need to do something about that freaking mannequin in Shane’s shot. I freak out every time the camera moves to Shane. Ffs!

  8. Investigate the mysterious death of McDonalds and Burger King after Wendy’s roasted the hell out of them.

  9. Isn’t this the plot of Resident Evil: 7?

    (Kidding, but weird things happen on farms in the country)

  10. What a letdown of an episode. I enjoy this series, but this was such a bad one. There’s no mystery in this: all signs point to the obvious crazy.

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