The Mindful Explorer: Lessons from the Wilderness | Jessie Allen | TEDxLander

Jessie illustrates the power of exploring mindfully – with roots and routes. She shares lessons from the wilderness on de-cluttering our lives, exploring personal growth and building connection; not just on grand adventures, but in daily life. Learn the ultimate power of embracing an explorer mindset, while staying rooted in your truth. “Jessie Allen lives to explore. She spends every summer guiding people on horseback into the Wind River Mountains from her family’s guest ranch. The ranch is off the grid at 9,200 feet elevation in the heart of the mountains. Finding liberation in the unplugged lifestyle for five months each year, she is happiest when her hands are dirty and her cell phone is off. Now, Jessie is taking over the family business. Along with being the ranch manager, a few of Jessie’s other job titles include: yoga teacher, elk hunting guide, NOLS backpacking instructor and former Miss Wyoming 2014. Using her diverse interests and her public platform, she strives to bridge gaps, inspire personal growth, lead by example and advocate for active outdoor lifestyles.” This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at