The Reality of Transracial Adoption | Kim Van Brunt | TEDxZumbroRiver

Kim Van Brunt, a white adoptive parent of transracial children, inspires and communicates through a blend of speech and poetry. She tells stories of her children, once held in high regard and reverence by the people of their Ugandan village, where color is not an issue, and what they now experience as Americans.

Kim Van Brunt is a poet and nonfiction writer. Becoming a transracial adoptive parent opened her eyes in a much more personal way to the depth of her own white privilege. Now, she uses her story and her creative work to help others recognize systems of inequality and their power to affect change for the common good. Kim works as a communications strategist in Rochester, where she and her husband are raising four children — two homegrown and two adopted from Uganda in Eastern Africa.

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